YITT In The PRESS (click images for articles)

GAFFA Magazine's '16 Mashups That F*** With Your Brain' Includes YITT - July 6, 2020

Danish music magazine Gaffa's article on mashups, including YITT's Daft Punk/Smashing Pumpkins/Silversun Pickups mashup, 'Instant Panic'.

URBANIA Magazine's 'The 10 Strangest Mashups That Work' Includes YITT - January 28, 2020

Canadian magazine Urbania's article on mashups, including YITT's Marilyn Manson/Demi Lovato mashup, 'Sweet Dreams For The Summer''.

Alternative Press' 'Top 10 Unbelievable Song Mashups That Actually Work' Includes YITT - October 13, 2019

Alternative Press creates another top 10 list, this time of crazy song mashups that actually work, including YITT's Marilyn Manson/Demi Lovato mashup, 'Sweet Dreams For The Summer'.

Music Magazine 'Soundi' Shares YITT's Ramones/Chuck Berry Mashup, 'Johnny B. Bop' - January 10, 2019

Finnish popular music magazine Soundi shares an article on YITT's Ramones/Chuck Berry mashup.

Rock And Roll Garage Shares YITT's Eagles/Red Hot Chili Peppers Mashup, 'Hotel Californication' - November 18, 2018

Roackandrollgarage.com article sharing YITT's Eagles/Red Hot Chili Peppers mashup.

Australia's Triple M Shares YITT's Eagles/Red Hot Chili Peppers Mashup, 'Hotel Californication' - June 13, 2018

Popular Australian radio DJ/personality Ugly Phil of Triple M radio is in humorous shock/awe of YITT's Eagles/Red Hot Chili Peppers mashup, sharing a bit of the mashup on his radio show (YITT mashup played on the show was an older, slower version I have since removed and replaced online).

kurt mamas papas.webp
Antyradio Shares YITT's The Mamas And The Papas/Nirvana Mashup, 'California Dream' - May 16, 2018

Polish rock radio network Antyradio sharing YITT's The Mama's And The Papas/Nirvana mashup.

Loudwire's Article On YITT's John Lennon/Misfits Mashup, 'One Last Image' - March 27, 2018

Loudwire shares YITT's John Lennon/Misfits mashup. Articles on this mashup were also written and shared by Kerrang magazine and Metal Injection. 

Alternative Press' Article On YITT's Gloria Gaynor/Metallica Mashup, 'One Will Survive' - September 12, 2017


Alt Press shares YITT's Gloria Gaynor/Metallica mashup. Another mashup that saw somewhat more widespread attention, also being shared by Kerrang magazine, ThePRP, and Metal Injection, as well as iHeart Radio.

WAAF Radio Station's Article '10 Rock Mashups That Will Be On Repeat In Your Brain' Includes A Couple YITT Mashups - January 27, 2017


Boston rock radio station WAAF's collection of 10 hot rock mashups includes YITT's Metallica/Foo Fighters mashup, and YITT's Adele/Evanescence mashup.

Bloodydisgusting's Article On YITT's Ray Parker Jr./Huey Lewis And The News mashup, 'Ghostbusters Of Love' - August 27, 2015


Bloodydisgusting shares YITT's Ray Parker Jr./Huey Lewis And The News mashup (YITT Bandcamp link in article now dead due to terminated Bandcamp account, but I have reopened yitt.bandcamp.com for future album uploads).

nin carly.png
Billboard's Article On YITT's Carly Rae Jepsen/Nine Inch Nails Mashup, 'I Really Like A Hole' - April 7, 2015


Positive review and sharing of YITT's Carly Rae Jepsen/Nine Inch Nails mashup by U.S./world entertainment brand Billboard, known best for their rating charts of popular music. This was a widespread YITT mashup, having articles written/reshared by many different online media outlets, including Buzzfeed, Loudwire, MTV, Bustle, Vulture, USA Today, and TIME magazine.

closing 22.jpg
The Current's Article On YITT's Semisonic/Taylor Swift Mashup, 'Closing 22' - January 16, 2015


Minnesota public radio station article on the YITT mashup 'Closing 22', with a few words from Semisonic band members.